GFN Radio Programming Schedule

Daily Bible Reading (6AM & 1PM Daily)
Hymn Stories (7Am & 3PM Daily)
Creation Moments (8AM & 4PM M-F)
Most Precious Message (8AM Daily – Morning Sermon)
Quiet Moments (9AM Daily Devotional Reading – Spirit of Prophecy)
The Christian Family (10AM & 6PM Daily – Restoration International)
Local Programming (12PM – Coming Soon)
Joe Crews Classic (2PM Daily 15 min Sermon – Amazing Facts Radio)
Bible Talk (4PM M-F – Bible Study)
Talking Family Matters (4PM Sundays – Live)
The Bible in Living Sound (5PM Daily – Bible Stories for Children)
The Prophecy Hour (7PM Daily)
The Healthy Way (7PM Mondays)
Third Angel’s Message (8PM Daily – Evening Sermon)

(Atlantic Time Zone: GMT -04:00)


It is the mission of Global Family Network TV to exemplify Christ in every aspect of everyday life through our programming.  From children’s programs, health, teaching and preaching programs to nature scenes of music filled with ‘Moments of Peace’, the Light of God’s Glory shines and will encourage your heart with Hope.

     Sample Programs:
Manna from Heaven
World Mission Spotlight
From Glory to Glory
Janice’s Attic
Character Building for Children
Feeding His Lambs
Adventures in Health
Counsel for the Heart
Our Daily Devotion
Battles of Faith
Trials of Our Faith
Moments of Peace
Restoration International
Pathway to Peace
Breath of Life Classics